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Friday, June 22, 2012

Widespread criticism of the draft Declaration of the "Rio +20"

Widespread criticism of the draft Declaration of the  "Rio +20"
 Launched in Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit business amid widespread criticism of the draft declaration by States and non-governmental organizations felt that the outcome of the summit does not rise to the challenges currently faced by the environment.The Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon in opening remarks that the efforts "have not lived up to the challenge," he said, "Do not wait for nature, nature does not negotiate with people."He considered that that the belief was prevalent that the "consumption will lead us to prosperity, and recognize today that we can not do that, and recognize that the old model of economic and social development is no longer valid."The President invited the leaders of Brazil Dilma Rousseff gathered to show the "firmness and courage," and noted that "with the direction the eyes and ears and hearts and souls of the world to this city, we know full well that the future of coming generations waiting for our decisions."Before the official opening of the summit, called the "Rio +20" because the Earth Summit, the historic former was twenty years ago, convinced the Brazilian delegates to finalize the draft declaration for submission to the summit, but many of the delegates and the organizers of the Summit as well as those interested in environmental issues and environmental groups criticized the announcement, saying it is weak.And laid the draft of the Declaration, which was completed on Tuesday, the ambitions and no binding targets on issues such as food security, water, energy, and called on States to adopt the concept of "green economy" and promote global leadership for the environment and the launch of the principle of "sustainable development objectives" in the approach of the millennium goals of the United Nations, which expire in 2015.ShortcomingsDiplomats said the pressure from Brazil to finalize the draft declaration, payment of the delegations to focus and to reach an agreement, but it may close the door to take bolder steps by leaders when they arrive for the summit.Holland criticized the proposal to delete the French to help finance development programs (French)He criticized French President Francois Hollande "deficiencies" in the draft Declaration and especially the failure of Member States of the United Nations in support of its current environmental and convert it to an agency self-contained, also criticized the deletion of French proposal to help fund development programs through a tax on financial transactions.He said many of those who have agreed on a draft declaration that it lacks vital details, said Nick Clegg, British Deputy Prime Minister "I felt disappointed because we did not go further than that." And non-governmental organizations criticized the large text heavily, and spoke for Greenpeace "Catastrophic failure" World Wild Life Fund for "a major disappointment."Talking about the draft Declaration, said EU Commissioner for the Environment Ganez Potocnik "We had an ambitious commitment to a more powerful, but when it comes to making the decision you have to establish the framework of public action and bear in mind what he wants everyone else. We had to prefer the position more powerful. "Received the Brazilian authorities on the criticism on the tongue Coordinator Summit, Ambassador Luis Alberto Figueirdo which he added that it is not possible to claim "the ambition to work unless there is ambitious in funding," he said, "You put money on the table. If calling someone ambitious at work did not puts money on the table, it is not coherent. "Call influentialThe participants heard at the summit to call and influential part, New Zealand student named Brittany Treifuld enacted 17 years, translated the impatience of civil society, and said "I am extremely angry with the state of the world." She added, "I hope that this summit pledges to cut more ambitious than those that have been negotiated."She explained, "We the younger generation (...) call for action to be our future. We are confident that you will Stdon during the 72 hours the next our interests above all other interests and to take the right decisions," and asked "Are you here to save face or to save us?".Despite the participation of the French president and the prime ministers of China and Russia, absent from the summit - which will last three days - many of the prominent leaders, including President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.And outside the venue of the summit, through the demonstrators expressed anger at the expected results, and systems, environmental campaigners and political activists marched and called for bold action to address the challenges faced by the environment.

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