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Friday, June 22, 2012

126 dead and split the senior officers in Syria

Heavy bombardment of the cities of  Damascus and clashes

126 dead and split the senior officers in Syria

 Network documented the Syrian Human Rights fall of 126 people, most of them fire the regular army in Homs and always close to Damascus, and Angel in the shield, amid continued heavy shelling of cities and towns in the countryside of Damascus, Homs and shield and Idlib, Deir Al-Zour. In a related development announced four officers are Brigadan Aqidan and dissidents from the regular army and the army to join free.While the General Authority announced that the revolution is always the Syrian city of disaster and called for immediate intervention to protect the life of the population, the International Red Cross began a new attempt - the help of the Syrian Red Crescent - to enter Homs to evacuate the wounded and trapped residents.According to the network fell in the province of Homs, 33 people, mostly neighborhood monastery mailbox in the city in addition to deaths in the cities of Rastan and paneling and short Brief province, also killed 29 people in the countryside of Damascus, 24 of them in the Duma, also recorded the network fall of 38 people in the shield, including 18 in the town of Angel.Also killed eight people in each of Idlib, Deir Al-Zour, and four in Hama and three in Pejanon and Atareb in Aleppo. And among the dead today - according to the network - six children and four women, in addition to the lieutenants and the provider recruits and dissidents and killed under torture.And fell dead, most of the Homs shelling targeted a school residence of the displaced in the Dir district mailbox.

And still the city of Homs witnessed intense bombardment, and warned a spokesman for the General Authority for revolution Hadi Al-Abdullah of massacres committed if the international community did not intervene to save people trapped, repeating his warning of a repeat scenario Baba Amr neighborhood, but this time in more than a dozen neighborhoods.The joint teams are trying to Red Crescent and Red Cross access to neighborhoods where fierce fighting between the regular army forces and fighters of the army to help free the trapped people migrate to areas of safe and secure food and medical needs.The regular army continues shelling of cities and neighborhoods in different parts of SyriaAlways bombingIn the meantime, announced that the Public Authority for revolution Syrian always close to Damascus city stricken and held the international community's responsibility to protect the civilian population, demanding immediate intervention to protect the population from the constant shelling indiscriminately of houses residential, and mass displacement is very large towards the areas surrounding the city and was displaced to the killing and harassment during the out of it.The Commission noted the commission of the forces of order and the fall of the great massacres of tens of martyrs during a very few days and the prevention of global media and international organizations from entering the city.
The list of dead, today, 24 fell in the Duma, has renewed shelling of the city, where activists images broadcast on the Internet showing a tank of the Syrian army in a neighborhood which is surrounded by elements of the army who tried to blow heat the tank in response to the targeting of civilians.Activists also broadcast pictures on the Internet showing the bodies of the dead. The local coordinating committees that the shelling also targeted Knakr and Harasta, and broke into the Security Kvrbtna Zabadani and Rural Damascus. The Commission emphasized that more than 170 families displaced Emsraba and always at night after a violent bombardment resulted in the destruction and burning of many homes.Activists also reported that seven people were killed and dozens injured in the bombing of the Syrian army helicopters Medmah of the city of Damascus in Damascus.And fell dead and wounded in the bombing of the forces the system to Harasta and Hmouria Erbeen and Rural Damascus and one person was killed by a sniper in the neighborhood of Qaboun Damascus.

She spoke of the General Authority of the Syrian Revolution of clashes between the armies of the regular and free in the neighborhood of Kfar Sousse, the capital, while the dissidents announced four officers from the regular army and joining the army free, and called on the soldiers of the regular army officers to dissent and free to join the army. The officers are Brigadan Aqidan and brothers.

Forces the system to continue its violent campaign to shield and towns"Massacre Bankhal"The list of the dead 18 people have fallen for the bombing of the forces of order and the launch of a fire on the mourners in Angel Bdraa in what activists described as a new massacre committed by the forces of order.

In an interview with the correspondent network news Cham Abdul Rahman Al-Hourani with Al-Jazeera said that the city of Angel Bdraa experiencing intense shelling targeted the homes of citizens in the city with the proliferation of snipers shooting at everything that moves, despite the absence of the free elements of the army in the city.Several houses were destroyed by the bombing and was caused by targeting homes most of the victims belonged to the families that inhabit those houses, the killing of four family holiday including a father and son, and family, including three or sinner.In the same context, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the death toll in Syria exceeded 15 thousand since the beginning of the revolution.The director of the observatory Rami Abdel Rahman said the dead included about ten thousand five hundred and about 3,700 civilian component of the regular forces.

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