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Friday, June 22, 2012

Sinking boat carrying two hundred immigrants to Australia

Without knowing the number of survivors

Sinking boat carrying two hundred immigrants to Australia
 Australian authorities announced that a boat carrying about  two hundred immigrants  drowned Thursday off the coast of Christmas Island, Australian, and that there are survivors did not specify how many.The authorities explained that the boat was a distress call an age in which he referred to it on the sink after 120 miles (193 km) north of Christmas Island, which lies 2600 km from Australia and 300 km from the coast of Indonesia.Spokeswoman confirmed the Australian maritime security (same yesterday) that there are survivors and rescue operations conducted in coordination with the Indonesian side.She added that three merchant ships and boats belonging to the Navy and Australian Orion aircraft, all of us went to the scene.Has seized the twenty-four hour last several boats carrying dozens of migrants in the region, prompting Interior Minister MG Australian Claire to warn a reminder that the two hundred people have died off the coast of Indonesia, Malaysia and 11 off, before the latest incident.Have witnessed the sinking of the Christmas Island in December / December 2010 when the crash boat carrying migrants from Iraq and Iran was not possible to know precisely the number of victims, but most likely they were about fifty.Since the first of January the Australian authorities seized 62 boats carrying a total of 4484 migrants in a record period of six months.And sailing immigrants, most of them Kurds, Iranians and Iraqis from Indonesia on board the boats are often overcrowded and unsafe to try to reach Australia, and upon arrival placed many of them in detention centers pending the consideration of their files.

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