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Friday, June 22, 2012

Greek ambition collides with Confidence German machines

Greek ambition collides with Confidence German machinesMoving attention  Friday to the city of Gdansk Polish confrontation, which hosts the second in the quarter-finals of Euro 2012, where the Greek team will collide with an ambitious 2004 realistically accomplished by repeating his German researcher to return to the first class of the podium for the first time since 1996.The German team will be a candidate on paper, logical and statistical to overcome his Greek counterpart, and the semi-final where they will face the winner of the match the Italian giants and the English on 28 this month in Warsaw.And enters the Germans, the researchers about their title IV, after years 1972 and 1980 and 1996, when crowned for the last time that was at the continental or global, to this confrontation and are looking to achieve win fifth in a row in official competitions (ie without international match), and fourth, respectively, in the current tournament, because they were the only team that claimed the full mark in the first round after beating Portugal and the Netherlands and Denmark recently.Germany excels historicallyAs standing history as well as the "Manchavt" he did not lose any of the eight matches previous collected Greeks, including one in the European Cup during the first round of a 1980 (zero - zero), in addition to 4 games in World Cup qualifier for the years 1962 and 2002 (4 wins) and two more in the continental qualifying tournament (equivalent to one copy in the qualifiers 1976).The German team was able to go out a winner from the confrontations of the four previous games in the quarterfinals (1988, 1992 and 1996 and 2008) the fact that versions 1972, 1976 and 1980, where crowned twice and reached the final set up a system of two and qualified Leaders to the final.Despite the preference logical, historical and statistical to the Germans to the Greeks, who are engaged in the quarter-finals for the second time after 2004, when they beat France 1 - zero in on their way to the title, expect Bayern Munich Thomas Mueller that team plays the test very difficult against a team coach Fernando Santos.Mueller recognizes the difficulty of the taskSaid Muller, who has not appeared so far at the level it was in the World Cup in South Africa in 2010 when was instrumental in leading his team to the semi-finals by scoring five goals, "During recent years we have gained in the playoffs the reputation of the team which is one of the candidates (to win). For this reason, a method based teams compete against us in the defensive too often or at least do not start the game with four strikers. "Continued: "It is natural that people judge you by the number of goals that I recorded for the offensive player. Most important thing is that I and the coach satisfied with my performance.My job is to help the team, to play regularly, I have succeeded in passing many of the crucial balls in the recent period. "He continued: "We are a team. Have more than 11 players. For as long as we said we have a strong team .. no there are any problems or any conflict (between players), there is a good atmosphere in the team."And on the face of Greece, Mueller said: "Both teams possess an equal chance."Greeks seek to further surprises.To be sure, the German team will seek to avoid the fate of his Russian counterpart, who started the players thinking in the quarter-finals before their confrontation of Greece in the final round of competition the first group, but the team Greece surprised a view of the veteran leader Yorgos Cargounis (35 years) scored in the second minute of stoppage time of the first half, but he will miss the quarter-final through suspension for receiving a second warning.And Sinop for Cargounis to wear the captain's armband Katsoranis Costas, who admitted that his side need "to a small miracle" in order to overcome the Germans, but he confirmed that he and his comrades will fight until the end.His colleague Dimitris Salpingides seemed confident of the ability of his team, saying: "I will not be our last game (against Germany) in the European Cup 2012. We players do not believe it, that's why we are here, things become more difficult role to another and I hope we can go further for the happiness of the Greeks. things will not be easy, that's for sure. "In turn, occur Yorgos Samaras to face tomorrow with the Germans, saying: "Football is a game and we practice it because we enjoy it, we love it. On Friday, we will enter into the land of the pitch and enjoy our presence in the quarter-final and we will try to take advantage of the occasion as much as possible."The player Celtic: "We are a team of 23 players. We are not playing for ourselves but for the 11 million people are hoping to achieve something worthy of mentioning, so they can take to the streets and celebrate. We were able to achieve this in front of Russia and this is what we will try to done on Friday, "asserting that he did not prefer the face of another competitor.He continued: "We are among the best eight teams in Europe and prefer to meet any specific competitor. Have achieved our goal first we do not feel nervous about what will happen later. We are here to enjoy ourselves. It would be a dream if we qualified."Is sure to win over the Germans and to qualify for the semi-finals would be a dream come true of the Greeks and make them forget for a time the catastrophic economic crisis experienced by the receiving country, which also put a shadow over the entire European Union.

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