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Saturday, June 23, 2012


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Friday, June 22, 2012

GER 4-1 Gre

germany greece 1-0 36 '' LAM euro 2012
germany greece 1-1 55" euro 2012
germany greece 2-1 60" KHDEIRA euro 2012

126 dead and split the senior officers in Syria

Heavy bombardment of the cities of  Damascus and clashes

126 dead and split the senior officers in Syria

 Network documented the Syrian Human Rights fall of 126 people, most of them fire the regular army in Homs and always close to Damascus, and Angel in the shield, amid continued heavy shelling of cities and towns in the countryside of Damascus, Homs and shield and Idlib, Deir Al-Zour. In a related development announced four officers are Brigadan Aqidan and dissidents from the regular army and the army to join free.While the General Authority announced that the revolution is always the Syrian city of disaster and called for immediate intervention to protect the life of the population, the International Red Cross began a new attempt - the help of the Syrian Red Crescent - to enter Homs to evacuate the wounded and trapped residents.According to the network fell in the province of Homs, 33 people, mostly neighborhood monastery mailbox in the city in addition to deaths in the cities of Rastan and paneling and short Brief province, also killed 29 people in the countryside of Damascus, 24 of them in the Duma, also recorded the network fall of 38 people in the shield, including 18 in the town of Angel.Also killed eight people in each of Idlib, Deir Al-Zour, and four in Hama and three in Pejanon and Atareb in Aleppo. And among the dead today - according to the network - six children and four women, in addition to the lieutenants and the provider recruits and dissidents and killed under torture.And fell dead, most of the Homs shelling targeted a school residence of the displaced in the Dir district mailbox.

And still the city of Homs witnessed intense bombardment, and warned a spokesman for the General Authority for revolution Hadi Al-Abdullah of massacres committed if the international community did not intervene to save people trapped, repeating his warning of a repeat scenario Baba Amr neighborhood, but this time in more than a dozen neighborhoods.The joint teams are trying to Red Crescent and Red Cross access to neighborhoods where fierce fighting between the regular army forces and fighters of the army to help free the trapped people migrate to areas of safe and secure food and medical needs.The regular army continues shelling of cities and neighborhoods in different parts of SyriaAlways bombingIn the meantime, announced that the Public Authority for revolution Syrian always close to Damascus city stricken and held the international community's responsibility to protect the civilian population, demanding immediate intervention to protect the population from the constant shelling indiscriminately of houses residential, and mass displacement is very large towards the areas surrounding the city and was displaced to the killing and harassment during the out of it.The Commission noted the commission of the forces of order and the fall of the great massacres of tens of martyrs during a very few days and the prevention of global media and international organizations from entering the city.
The list of dead, today, 24 fell in the Duma, has renewed shelling of the city, where activists images broadcast on the Internet showing a tank of the Syrian army in a neighborhood which is surrounded by elements of the army who tried to blow heat the tank in response to the targeting of civilians.Activists also broadcast pictures on the Internet showing the bodies of the dead. The local coordinating committees that the shelling also targeted Knakr and Harasta, and broke into the Security Kvrbtna Zabadani and Rural Damascus. The Commission emphasized that more than 170 families displaced Emsraba and always at night after a violent bombardment resulted in the destruction and burning of many homes.Activists also reported that seven people were killed and dozens injured in the bombing of the Syrian army helicopters Medmah of the city of Damascus in Damascus.And fell dead and wounded in the bombing of the forces the system to Harasta and Hmouria Erbeen and Rural Damascus and one person was killed by a sniper in the neighborhood of Qaboun Damascus.

She spoke of the General Authority of the Syrian Revolution of clashes between the armies of the regular and free in the neighborhood of Kfar Sousse, the capital, while the dissidents announced four officers from the regular army and joining the army free, and called on the soldiers of the regular army officers to dissent and free to join the army. The officers are Brigadan Aqidan and brothers.

Forces the system to continue its violent campaign to shield and towns"Massacre Bankhal"The list of the dead 18 people have fallen for the bombing of the forces of order and the launch of a fire on the mourners in Angel Bdraa in what activists described as a new massacre committed by the forces of order.

In an interview with the correspondent network news Cham Abdul Rahman Al-Hourani with Al-Jazeera said that the city of Angel Bdraa experiencing intense shelling targeted the homes of citizens in the city with the proliferation of snipers shooting at everything that moves, despite the absence of the free elements of the army in the city.Several houses were destroyed by the bombing and was caused by targeting homes most of the victims belonged to the families that inhabit those houses, the killing of four family holiday including a father and son, and family, including three or sinner.In the same context, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the death toll in Syria exceeded 15 thousand since the beginning of the revolution.The director of the observatory Rami Abdel Rahman said the dead included about ten thousand five hundred and about 3,700 civilian component of the regular forces.

80 Killed people in Myanmar

80  Killed people in Myanmar

 The Government of Myanmar, killing more than 80 people in sectarian violence between Muslims and Buddhists Rohingya community in the territory of Rakhine (Arakan previously) west of the country and neighboring Bangladesh.A government official said on condition of anonymity that the outcome of the recent victims was referring to the fall of 71 people is added to them ten Muslims who were killed at the hands of an angry gathering of Buddhists in the eighth month in Maung Tai.Was found Wednesday on the bodies of eight of the ethnic Rakhine Buddhists in the city of Amikng, as sources spoke for the disappearance of two other people in this region which has seen in recent days several similar incidents.The World Food Programme announced last Tuesday that the sectarian clashes in Rakhine resulted in the displacement of people is higher than previous estimates, tens of thousands. He said around 90 thousand of these displaced persons in need of assistance.The United Nations estimated earlier displaced by about 30 thousand people.Despite the announcement by the authorities in Myanmar a state of emergency on the tenth of June in the current Rakhine, the violence continues, said a resident of Sittwe, the capital of Rakhine, told the French news over the phone, "People do not sleep at night because they are afraid for their lives."The reality of rape and murder a woman Buddhist Rakhine province on May 28 / Oaaralamadi have led to the outbreak of a series of clashes across the region. It was also arrested three Muslims from the range after the Rohingya have been charged with that crime.One of them has committed suicide in prison on the tenth of June and the imposition of the current on the same day the law of the state of emergency in the regional court ruled that while the execution of defendants yesterday.The Muslims who are known as the Rohingya, densely settled northern Rakhine region of ethnic minorities are not recognized by the Authority, and consider them citizens, illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, while the United Nations describes as one of the most vulnerable to persecution of minorities in the world.

Widespread criticism of the draft Declaration of the "Rio +20"

Widespread criticism of the draft Declaration of the  "Rio +20"
 Launched in Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit business amid widespread criticism of the draft declaration by States and non-governmental organizations felt that the outcome of the summit does not rise to the challenges currently faced by the environment.The Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon in opening remarks that the efforts "have not lived up to the challenge," he said, "Do not wait for nature, nature does not negotiate with people."He considered that that the belief was prevalent that the "consumption will lead us to prosperity, and recognize today that we can not do that, and recognize that the old model of economic and social development is no longer valid."The President invited the leaders of Brazil Dilma Rousseff gathered to show the "firmness and courage," and noted that "with the direction the eyes and ears and hearts and souls of the world to this city, we know full well that the future of coming generations waiting for our decisions."Before the official opening of the summit, called the "Rio +20" because the Earth Summit, the historic former was twenty years ago, convinced the Brazilian delegates to finalize the draft declaration for submission to the summit, but many of the delegates and the organizers of the Summit as well as those interested in environmental issues and environmental groups criticized the announcement, saying it is weak.And laid the draft of the Declaration, which was completed on Tuesday, the ambitions and no binding targets on issues such as food security, water, energy, and called on States to adopt the concept of "green economy" and promote global leadership for the environment and the launch of the principle of "sustainable development objectives" in the approach of the millennium goals of the United Nations, which expire in 2015.ShortcomingsDiplomats said the pressure from Brazil to finalize the draft declaration, payment of the delegations to focus and to reach an agreement, but it may close the door to take bolder steps by leaders when they arrive for the summit.Holland criticized the proposal to delete the French to help finance development programs (French)He criticized French President Francois Hollande "deficiencies" in the draft Declaration and especially the failure of Member States of the United Nations in support of its current environmental and convert it to an agency self-contained, also criticized the deletion of French proposal to help fund development programs through a tax on financial transactions.He said many of those who have agreed on a draft declaration that it lacks vital details, said Nick Clegg, British Deputy Prime Minister "I felt disappointed because we did not go further than that." And non-governmental organizations criticized the large text heavily, and spoke for Greenpeace "Catastrophic failure" World Wild Life Fund for "a major disappointment."Talking about the draft Declaration, said EU Commissioner for the Environment Ganez Potocnik "We had an ambitious commitment to a more powerful, but when it comes to making the decision you have to establish the framework of public action and bear in mind what he wants everyone else. We had to prefer the position more powerful. "Received the Brazilian authorities on the criticism on the tongue Coordinator Summit, Ambassador Luis Alberto Figueirdo which he added that it is not possible to claim "the ambition to work unless there is ambitious in funding," he said, "You put money on the table. If calling someone ambitious at work did not puts money on the table, it is not coherent. "Call influentialThe participants heard at the summit to call and influential part, New Zealand student named Brittany Treifuld enacted 17 years, translated the impatience of civil society, and said "I am extremely angry with the state of the world." She added, "I hope that this summit pledges to cut more ambitious than those that have been negotiated."She explained, "We the younger generation (...) call for action to be our future. We are confident that you will Stdon during the 72 hours the next our interests above all other interests and to take the right decisions," and asked "Are you here to save face or to save us?".Despite the participation of the French president and the prime ministers of China and Russia, absent from the summit - which will last three days - many of the prominent leaders, including President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.And outside the venue of the summit, through the demonstrators expressed anger at the expected results, and systems, environmental campaigners and political activists marched and called for bold action to address the challenges faced by the environment.

Sinking boat carrying two hundred immigrants to Australia

Without knowing the number of survivors

Sinking boat carrying two hundred immigrants to Australia
 Australian authorities announced that a boat carrying about  two hundred immigrants  drowned Thursday off the coast of Christmas Island, Australian, and that there are survivors did not specify how many.The authorities explained that the boat was a distress call an age in which he referred to it on the sink after 120 miles (193 km) north of Christmas Island, which lies 2600 km from Australia and 300 km from the coast of Indonesia.Spokeswoman confirmed the Australian maritime security (same yesterday) that there are survivors and rescue operations conducted in coordination with the Indonesian side.She added that three merchant ships and boats belonging to the Navy and Australian Orion aircraft, all of us went to the scene.Has seized the twenty-four hour last several boats carrying dozens of migrants in the region, prompting Interior Minister MG Australian Claire to warn a reminder that the two hundred people have died off the coast of Indonesia, Malaysia and 11 off, before the latest incident.Have witnessed the sinking of the Christmas Island in December / December 2010 when the crash boat carrying migrants from Iraq and Iran was not possible to know precisely the number of victims, but most likely they were about fifty.Since the first of January the Australian authorities seized 62 boats carrying a total of 4484 migrants in a record period of six months.And sailing immigrants, most of them Kurds, Iranians and Iraqis from Indonesia on board the boats are often overcrowded and unsafe to try to reach Australia, and upon arrival placed many of them in detention centers pending the consideration of their files.

Greek ambition collides with Confidence German machines

Greek ambition collides with Confidence German machinesMoving attention  Friday to the city of Gdansk Polish confrontation, which hosts the second in the quarter-finals of Euro 2012, where the Greek team will collide with an ambitious 2004 realistically accomplished by repeating his German researcher to return to the first class of the podium for the first time since 1996.The German team will be a candidate on paper, logical and statistical to overcome his Greek counterpart, and the semi-final where they will face the winner of the match the Italian giants and the English on 28 this month in Warsaw.And enters the Germans, the researchers about their title IV, after years 1972 and 1980 and 1996, when crowned for the last time that was at the continental or global, to this confrontation and are looking to achieve win fifth in a row in official competitions (ie without international match), and fourth, respectively, in the current tournament, because they were the only team that claimed the full mark in the first round after beating Portugal and the Netherlands and Denmark recently.Germany excels historicallyAs standing history as well as the "Manchavt" he did not lose any of the eight matches previous collected Greeks, including one in the European Cup during the first round of a 1980 (zero - zero), in addition to 4 games in World Cup qualifier for the years 1962 and 2002 (4 wins) and two more in the continental qualifying tournament (equivalent to one copy in the qualifiers 1976).The German team was able to go out a winner from the confrontations of the four previous games in the quarterfinals (1988, 1992 and 1996 and 2008) the fact that versions 1972, 1976 and 1980, where crowned twice and reached the final set up a system of two and qualified Leaders to the final.Despite the preference logical, historical and statistical to the Germans to the Greeks, who are engaged in the quarter-finals for the second time after 2004, when they beat France 1 - zero in on their way to the title, expect Bayern Munich Thomas Mueller that team plays the test very difficult against a team coach Fernando Santos.Mueller recognizes the difficulty of the taskSaid Muller, who has not appeared so far at the level it was in the World Cup in South Africa in 2010 when was instrumental in leading his team to the semi-finals by scoring five goals, "During recent years we have gained in the playoffs the reputation of the team which is one of the candidates (to win). For this reason, a method based teams compete against us in the defensive too often or at least do not start the game with four strikers. "Continued: "It is natural that people judge you by the number of goals that I recorded for the offensive player. Most important thing is that I and the coach satisfied with my performance.My job is to help the team, to play regularly, I have succeeded in passing many of the crucial balls in the recent period. "He continued: "We are a team. Have more than 11 players. For as long as we said we have a strong team .. no there are any problems or any conflict (between players), there is a good atmosphere in the team."And on the face of Greece, Mueller said: "Both teams possess an equal chance."Greeks seek to further surprises.To be sure, the German team will seek to avoid the fate of his Russian counterpart, who started the players thinking in the quarter-finals before their confrontation of Greece in the final round of competition the first group, but the team Greece surprised a view of the veteran leader Yorgos Cargounis (35 years) scored in the second minute of stoppage time of the first half, but he will miss the quarter-final through suspension for receiving a second warning.And Sinop for Cargounis to wear the captain's armband Katsoranis Costas, who admitted that his side need "to a small miracle" in order to overcome the Germans, but he confirmed that he and his comrades will fight until the end.His colleague Dimitris Salpingides seemed confident of the ability of his team, saying: "I will not be our last game (against Germany) in the European Cup 2012. We players do not believe it, that's why we are here, things become more difficult role to another and I hope we can go further for the happiness of the Greeks. things will not be easy, that's for sure. "In turn, occur Yorgos Samaras to face tomorrow with the Germans, saying: "Football is a game and we practice it because we enjoy it, we love it. On Friday, we will enter into the land of the pitch and enjoy our presence in the quarter-final and we will try to take advantage of the occasion as much as possible."The player Celtic: "We are a team of 23 players. We are not playing for ourselves but for the 11 million people are hoping to achieve something worthy of mentioning, so they can take to the streets and celebrate. We were able to achieve this in front of Russia and this is what we will try to done on Friday, "asserting that he did not prefer the face of another competitor.He continued: "We are among the best eight teams in Europe and prefer to meet any specific competitor. Have achieved our goal first we do not feel nervous about what will happen later. We are here to enjoy ourselves. It would be a dream if we qualified."Is sure to win over the Germans and to qualify for the semi-finals would be a dream come true of the Greeks and make them forget for a time the catastrophic economic crisis experienced by the receiving country, which also put a shadow over the entire European Union.

Ronaldo led Portugal to the semi-finals of Euro

Ronaldo led Portugal to the semi-finals of EuroPortugal became the first qualifier for the semi-finals of the Euro (Euro 2012) Championship in Poland and the Ukraine until the first of the month of July next following the victory over his Czech counterpart, with the sole at the National Stadium in Warsaw.And scored Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo's goal to qualify for the benefit of his team in minutes (79) of the meeting.By qualifyingThe Czech team qualified to the quarter-final despite the shaky start in front of Russia 1-4, where recovered in the second meeting, beating Greece 2-1 and then defeated Poland hospitality partner with Ukraine 1 - zero to the top of his group.In turn, Portugal lost their opening match against Germany zero -1, before beating Denmark 3-2 in my encounter with difficulty, the Netherlands 2-1.Without the pulseThe two teams entered in the heart of the matter since the whistle rule, where the English Howard Webb did not witness the start of the meeting, the usual test the waters in such advanced roles of the major football competitions.Despite the rush of their players about the attack in order to take the things from the beginning and to achieve the first goal, he missed the real opportunities that exist for scoring and attempts were limited to individual initiatives ended in failure for the overall lack of focus and accelerate the attackers.The Czech team seemed better off than his opponent, who was troubled at the back and almost Baros to be open for 17 minutes after excellent work from Dareda on the left of the Portuguese defense.The response of the Portuguese national team, nicknamed "Brazil of Europe" in a minute (25) feet of Cristiano Ronaldo, who took over the goalkeeper Cech and was unable to Mgtth before declaring the English rule for error in favor of the Czech defense.Ronaldo missed a golden opportunity in a minute (33) when he received the elevation of an excellent teammate at Real Madrid Pepe passed duplication but hit the side net.And lost the Portuguese coach Paulo Bento striker Helder Bostiga with the beginning of minute (40) because of injury to pay Bhugu Almeida as an alternative to it.And the inability of Cristiano Ronaldo from the termination of the first period (45) for the benefit of his country despite his right to score after a snapshot fine art lift the ball defender Sivuk and slotted the ball to the right of goalkeeper Cech who could only Read to end the first half on the outcome of a goalless draw.Reawakening PortugueseAnd the failure of alternative Hugo Almeida in the game to give another turn with the beginning of the second half after distribution of the court but his shot Raul Mireylish vertical Loud goal.Declined to the left of goalkeeper Cech for the second time in the game (49) for a ball Ronaldo goal following a free kick ball from the Portuguese.Ronaldo continued his attempts to throw the Czechs after neat pass from Joao Moutinho but his shot missed the goal because of harassment from the defender Jypriselassa (54).
Portuguese national team and scored a goal per minute (58) by Hugo Almeida after distribution of the wing Luis Nani canceled governance Howard Webb for offside.And the payment of coach Michel Czech striker Jan Rezek Belek where the average field Vladimir Dareda in the hope of giving the same offensive team performance, which fell significantly in the second half (60).And to stop Petr Cech blocked again in front of the Portuguese attack by addressing the goal of an investigator to expel a shot to the corner Moutinho (64).And the inability of Luis Nani, despite his Alsanh to register for decoding Almottagouka Czech defense in his area during the second period and slowed payment to intervene in defense of the opponent and the ball away for a corner (74).Cristiano Ronaldo crowned his efforts and his colleagues by scoring the first goal after a beautiful Bartmaúh vertical distribution of a perfect active player Joao Moutinho (79) chicane by goalkeeper Petr Cech stubborn under the warm applause of the historic duo of Portugal Luis Figo and Eusebio stadium of Warsaw.The balance of Real Madrid's top scorer of three goals in the current European Cup of Nations and six goals in the history of the euro.And maintained the Portuguese national team due to the precedence given to reverberate heavy, especially in the second half to be the first qualifier for the semi-finals.

On the other hand the Czechs pay tax decline of physical and tactical performance in the second period to disappoint his fans and withdraw from the quarter-finals.The difficult task will be to Portugal in the semi-final as the defending champion will face Spain or France on Wednesday.Czech squadGoalkeeper: Petr Cech (1)Defense: Theodore Gebrselassie (2) and Michel Kadlch (3) and Thomas Sivuk (6) and David Imbrski (8)Midfielders: Peter Aerasek (19) and Jaroslav Plasil (13), Vaclav Pilar (14) Hobashman / (17) A study published (20)Forwards: Milan Baros (15) and Vladimir Dareda (22) Jan Rezek (9)Coach: Michel BelekPortugal squadGoalkeeper: Rui Patricio (12)Defense: Joao Pereira (21) and Bruno Alves (2) and Baby (3), Fabio Quintrao (5)Midfielders: Raul Mirilish (16) Rolando (14) and Miguel Veloso (4) and Joao Moutinho (8) and Luis Nani (17) Custodio (6)Forwards: Helder Bostiga (23) Hugo Almeida (9) and Cristiano Ronaldo (7)Coach: Paulo PintoReferee: Howard Webb (England)Linesmen: Michael Muyarki (England) and Sander Van Rokel (Netherlands)Fourth official: Jonas Eriksson (Sweden)Additional Judges: Martin Atkinson and Mark Clatnburg (England)

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