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Friday, June 22, 2012

80 Killed people in Myanmar

80  Killed people in Myanmar

 The Government of Myanmar, killing more than 80 people in sectarian violence between Muslims and Buddhists Rohingya community in the territory of Rakhine (Arakan previously) west of the country and neighboring Bangladesh.A government official said on condition of anonymity that the outcome of the recent victims was referring to the fall of 71 people is added to them ten Muslims who were killed at the hands of an angry gathering of Buddhists in the eighth month in Maung Tai.Was found Wednesday on the bodies of eight of the ethnic Rakhine Buddhists in the city of Amikng, as sources spoke for the disappearance of two other people in this region which has seen in recent days several similar incidents.The World Food Programme announced last Tuesday that the sectarian clashes in Rakhine resulted in the displacement of people is higher than previous estimates, tens of thousands. He said around 90 thousand of these displaced persons in need of assistance.The United Nations estimated earlier displaced by about 30 thousand people.Despite the announcement by the authorities in Myanmar a state of emergency on the tenth of June in the current Rakhine, the violence continues, said a resident of Sittwe, the capital of Rakhine, told the French news over the phone, "People do not sleep at night because they are afraid for their lives."The reality of rape and murder a woman Buddhist Rakhine province on May 28 / Oaaralamadi have led to the outbreak of a series of clashes across the region. It was also arrested three Muslims from the range after the Rohingya have been charged with that crime.One of them has committed suicide in prison on the tenth of June and the imposition of the current on the same day the law of the state of emergency in the regional court ruled that while the execution of defendants yesterday.The Muslims who are known as the Rohingya, densely settled northern Rakhine region of ethnic minorities are not recognized by the Authority, and consider them citizens, illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, while the United Nations describes as one of the most vulnerable to persecution of minorities in the world.

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